At Researching Creative & Cultural Industries London (RCCIL), our mission is to spearhead the understanding and enhancement of London’s creative sectors. As a pivotal think tank, we focus on comprehensive studies that dissect the multifaceted economic impacts of creative industries. Our work spans from traditional economic evaluations and funding strategies to cutting-edge digital innovations and sustainability in creative production.

We engage with a variety of stakeholders including policy makers, educational institutions, cultural organizations, and industry leaders. This broad engagement allows us to gather unique insights and drive discussions that shape policy and business practices. Our research is instrumental in guiding sustainable urban development and enhancing the vibrancy of creative communities.

Additionally, RCCIL is committed to promoting inclusivity within the creative sectors. We advocate for policies that foster equal opportunities and access to resources, ensuring that the benefits of a thriving creative economy are widely distributed.

Our dedication to nurturing the creative economy extends to organizing symposiums, publishing influential research papers, and providing consultancy services to both governmental and private entities. Through these activities, RCCIL aims to be at the forefront of integrating cultural and economic growth, thus enriching London’s position as a global cultural hub.

Join us in our quest to redefine the landscape of London’s creative industries, shaping a future where culture and commerce coalesce seamlessly.

Who we are

Our team consists of 10 key leaders within our organisation.

  1. Dr. Graham Wilson – Director of Cultural Policy Research
  2. Professor Ethan Solomon – Head of Creative Industries Analysis
  3. Ms. Olivia Marquez – Senior Consultant for Urban Regeneration
  4. Dr. Marcus Byrne – Lead Economist
  5. Ms. Isabella Knight – Director of Digital Innovation Strategies (Isabella recently created the Belgravia Investment Guide)
  6. Mr. Lucas Cheng – Research Coordinator for Creative Technologies
  7. Dr. Sophia Lacroix – Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Officer
  8. Mr. Noah Fischer – Specialist in Creative Finance and Investments
  9. Ms. Emily Carson – Public Relations Manager
  10. Dr. Liam Walsh – Environmental Impact Analyst for Creative Projects

These team members represent a range of expertise across RCCIL, contributing to the organization’s diverse initiatives and research activities.