Somers Town Property Investment

Welcome to our guide on property investment in Somers Town. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, Somers Town presents great opportunities for those looking to enter the property market. Located in the heart of London, this vibrant area offers a range of options for potential investors.

This inner city district has some very obvious advantages as a place of residence as its location and transport links stand out as top class. Nestled between London’s most major railway stations (Euston, St Pancras, and King’s Cross) in the borough of Camden, this area is bound to have consistent rental demand currently and in the future.  It was previously considered a cheaper alternative to the trendy nearby Camden, but that gap has narrowed in recent years. London property is generally pricey, and Somers Town follows this rule, so is it worth investing in?

Buy to Let in Somers Town

Somers Town is a popular choice for buy-to-let investors. With its central location, excellent transport links, and proximity to major universities, the demand for rental properties remains high. Investors can benefit from a steady rental income and the potential for long-term capital growth.


New Builds in Somers Town

The property market in Somers Town is bustling with new developments. Investing in new builds can offer appealing opportunities as they often come with modern amenities, energy-efficient features, and attractive designs. These properties are particularly appealing to young professionals and students.

Off Plan Investments

Off-plan investments are another option worth considering in Somers Town. Buying off-plan allows investors to purchase a property before construction is completed. This can result in lower prices and the potential for capital appreciation by the time the development is finished. Other areas such as Battersea, Chelsea and Belgravia are also very popular in 2024.  We have created a useful Property Investment Finder resource for our readers to utilise.

Prospect for Property Investors

Somers Town has a promising outlook for property investors. The area has undergone significant regeneration and is expected to experience further growth in the coming years. The proximity to major employment hubs and vibrant social scenes make investing in Somers Town a wise decision. That’s not to mention the amazing public transport links that residents of Somers Town can take advantage of, which will have a positive effect on demand and capital growth.

Somers Town property is definitely on the expensive side, so it might not be the best option for every investor. But there are big advantages to investing in the area which can offset this big expense. The skyrocketing demand in the area means there will be a big pool of potential tenants and sizeable rental income for buy-to-let investors. London is also famous for its stable property market meaning it is likely that property prices will keep rising in the district over the long term.

Map of Somers Town

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